Dive Sites in Cayo Largo del Sur

The seabed in Cayo Largo has 32 scuba-diving sites, fascinating coral formations, tunnels, steep walls covered with gorgonians and a wealth of multicolored marine life. The water is extremely clear.

Cayo Largo, Divers and TurtleCayo Largo, Divers

They up to 30 nearby Dive Spots with boat commute with 10 - 30 minutes and the further removed diving goals is attainable at a boat trip between one and two hours. 

Diving is at first place here of course, because the 50 defined diving places belong to the most beautiful of the Caribbean. Plunge into the untouched ness of a fascinating corals and wildlife.

Beside caves, grottos and Drop-offs, you can take pleasure in the almost 600 coral types and hundred of sponge types.

With some luck, you have the possibility, asleep sharks and passing “Zeppelins”, to meet from considerable size.

Also Wal Sharks, Mantas, Barakudas and other big fish are to be seen at the diving places at the longest reef of the western hemisphere.

The most beautiful diving places are only 5-10 miles off from the Diving Center, reachable in 15-30 boat minutes.

Cayo Largo, Dive Sites Map
  1. Rabi - Rubia (5-9 meter)
    Sting Ray's, Barracudas, Yello Tail Fish, Morenas, Lobster, Snapper
  2. Canal de Barracuda (5-7 meter)
    Barracuda, Yello Tail Fish, Morenas, Lobster, Sting Ray's, Snapper- Coral fishes
  3. Punta de Barrera (8 meter)
    same like 1. and 2.
  4. El Ballenato (10-15 meter)
    Taipun, Gruper, Barracuda, Bowl fish, Snapper, Nurse Shark
  5. Las Culebras (7-11 meter)
    Snapper, Gruper, Barracudas, Morenas
  6. Barco Hundido (17-32 meter)
    Gruper, Barracudas, Morenas, Yello Tail Fish
  7. Cueva del Negro (23-36 meter)
    Taipun, Gruper, Barracudas
  8. Pista de Ski (17-35 meter)
    Gruper, Barracuda, Snapper, Lobster, Morenas
  9. El Escalon (18-37 meter)
    same like 8
  1. Espondrillo (16-28 meter)
    Taipun, Nurse Shark, Gruper, Snapper, Barracuda, King Makrele
  2. Canon de Martin (16-28 meter)
    same like 10
  3. Aquario I (12-16 meter)
    Coral fish, Snapper, Gruper, Nurse Shark, Sting Ray, Bowl fish, Barracuda
  4. Aquario II (12-16 meter)
    same like 12. but different bottom
  5. Albert Point (13-30 meter)
    Gruper, Glass fish, Taipun, Nurse Shark, Makrele, grey and red Snapper, Cobias, ( Schiffshalter) Barracuda, Papageifish
  6. Laberinto (10-30 meter)
    Red and grey Snapper, Gruper, black Makrele, Lobster, sponge, Barracuda etc.
  7. Tony Point (10-30 meter)
    Snapper, King Makrele, Gruper, Barracuda, Lobster, Taipun
  8. La Cabeceria (12-32 meter)
    same like 16
French AngelsNurse Shark
  1. Meliza Point (16-35 meter)
    Snapper, Gruper, Barracuda, Morenas, Bowl fish
  2. La terraza (17-40 meter)
    Snapper, Gruper, Barracuda, Lobster
  3. Canon del Blanco (6-40 meter)
    Snapper, Gruper, Barracuda, Black coral
  4. Jardin de Corazones (6-40 meter)
    Black gorgonias, Barracuda, Snapper, Bowl fish, Lobster, Nurse Shark
  5. Arena de la Rayas (22-40 meter)
    Nurse Shark, Snapper, Gruper, Barracuda
  6. Canon de Sigua (15-40 meter)
    Snapper, Gruper, Barracuda, Bowl fish, Nurse Shark, King Makrele, Black Coral, Sharks ( in the Winter)
  1. Abisho (16-40 meter)
    same like 23
  2. Las Cadenas (16-40 meter)
    grey Snapper, Gruper, Barracuda, Nurse shark Lobster, Bowl fish, Bat fish
  3. Herradura de Sigua (18-40 meter)
    same like 25
  4. La Solapa (8-40 meter)
    Turtle, grey Snapper, big Gruper, Nurse shark Barracuda, Red Snapper, Morenas
  5. Pelicano (18-40 meter)
    grey Snapper, Morenas, Gruper, Barracuda
  6. Blue Hole (8-140 meter)
    King Lobster, Barracuda