Cayo Largo del Sur, International Scuba Diving Center

Cayo Largo is considered as one of the best places for diving, in an environment of beautiful coralline reefs in shallow waters, with a rich marine fauna, conditions that give it the qualification of International Center of Diving.

The Diving Center Management introduces itself  to you after your arrival in the hotel, mostly with the travel welcome and they will explain to you transfers and the whole Diving Center Information will be given to you.

Boat in María La Gorda Scuba Diving Center

The Cayo Largo Diving Center is organized accordingly International standard and is decreed with over 40 complete equipments and 220 12-Liter-Alu - and steel tanks with DIN/INT connection.

Altogether, four boats are for 12 and 18 divers by disposal. Professional Diveguides accompany you during the diving . In the Diving Center is  220 V voltages, here you can load your accumulators, in the hotel only 125 V.

Cayo Largo Diving Center offers one to two times in the week against an extra charge diving exits to the more distant islands at, like for example Cayo Rosario, Cayo Blanco or Cayo Sigua, with incomparable coral reefs, rare fishing and even a "blue hole", on board is offered a meal.

Boat in María La Gorda Scuba Diving Center

The daily diving sites are determined according to weather situation or the program of the Cayo Largo Diving Center. It becomes asked you in order to guarantee the smooth course of the basis as diving guests to pause the on the spot agreed departure times strictly.

Diving here is extremely fascinating, great variety of fishes and corals. There are a few small wrecks and saw some bigger fish such as sharks, eagle rays and even some turtles.

Technical Specifications

  • Operator: Marina Cayo Largo del Sur
  • Dive Sites: 32
  • Daily Capacity: 60 pax
  • Daily Departures: 3
  • Type of Seabed: Coral reefs, walls, sunken ships, abundant species (barracudas, whale shark in winter) and caves.
  • Course Certification School: SSI
  • Boats: Two 41-foot boats
  • Nearest hyperbaric chamber: In Havana or Gerona, by helicopter transfer
  • Facilities: Equipment rental available
  • Quantity of Dive Instructors: 6

Diving Zone

In Cayo Largo del Sur, diving zone is divided in three areas:

  • The first one is in the nearby of the Cayo, with typical coral seabed, reefs and channels that starting at 18 meters (859 feet) forms a curious sandy hollow that descends to 33 meters (108 feet) and later ascends to form large coral mountains. Brain coral, columns, sheets, stars, sea fans, and many other species abound. Fish are represented by numerous coral species. In some seasons it's frequent to see turtles, shads, bishops and skates. In the rocky hollows, there are lobster, crab, and morays.
  • The second, close to Cayo Rosario, 29 Km. (18 miles) to the west, with a very peculiar seabed, with an average depth of 18 meters (59 feet) where coral hillocks form a real labyrinth within which swim large schools of fish.
  • The third is 48 Km (30 miles) to the northeast, near the head of Cayo Sigua and Cayo Blanco situated in the western border of the Gulf of Cazones. There are spectacular wall dive sites, which fall vertically starting at 15 meters (49 feet) to more than 200 meters (656 feet) deep. On them you'll observe large tubular sponges in the shape of baskets and branches, spectacular sea fans, and black coral colonies. Many coral fish hunt all over the wall.