Cayo Levisa International Diving Center

The Cayo Levisa International Diving Center is consolidated inside the first five Centers of Diving in the country and it is the main reason of the clients' satisfaction that visit the Key for what its mission is to satisfy the expectations of the clients lovers of the diving, facilitating its learning, its practice and the submarine interpretation with a focus environmentalist.

Diver in Cayo LevisaCayo Levisa Coral Reef

The beauty of the beaches and the beautiful coral reefs that it possesses Cayo Levisa can be enjoyed by means of the autonomous diving and the snorkeling.

From the natural point of view, they exist potentialities here for the development of varied activities underwater.

The diving area associated to the Cayo Levisa International Diving Center extends practically from the same costs of the key, showing high securities of attraction, for the varied flora and fauna that inhabit it and its excellent conservation state

They exist in these area twenty-three places for immersions that are properly detailed and located along the coral barrier.

The Cayo Levisa International Diving Center offers varied diving courses for all the levels imparted by instructors categorized internationally, and they give internationally grateful certificates.

Cayo Levisa Diving Center Specifications

  • Name: Cayo Levisa
  • Quantity of diving modules for tourists: 10
  • It marks of the modules: MARES and Free Shark
  • Quantity of tanks: 50 of steel and aluminum with capacity of 12 and 15 liters
  • Compressors: 2 Bauer KAP-14
  • Diving points: 23
  • Staff: 3 instructors with Advanced Instructor's Category and 1 Dive With, all of the Federation SSI (Scuba School International).
  • Craft: 1 yacht of 41 feet of length with capacity for 20 plungers and 1 piraña with capacity for 10 plungers.
  • Schedules of diving: 8:30.  11:00. 14:30
  • Diving Courses: Open Water Diver (OWD); Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD). All certificates internationally for the Federation SSI
    1. Open Water Diver (OWD) (it Includes kit OWD, theoretical classes, equipment and 5 immersions in open sea)
    2. Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) (it Includes theoretical classes, equipment and 4 immersions open sea)
  • The first aids:  Qualified medical staff and resuscitation equipment that includes oxygen on board and in land.
  • Hyperbaric Chamber:  Naval hospital, in Havana City, helicopter transfer in 35 min.

Diving Services

  • Included: Tanks, leads, craft and plunger - it guides.
  • Not Included: mask, fins, regulator, gear for night diving (All available one for the rent locally)
  • Sure: Yes
  • Coralline Barriers dive: Yes
  • Walls dive: Yes
  • Sunken Ships dive: Yes
  • Caves dive: No
  • Nocturne dive: Yes
  • Service Nitrox: No
  • Gear rent: Yes
  • Classroom: Yes
  • Courses of Diving of all the levels: Yes
  • Courses for Instructors of all the levels: Yes
  • Specialized courses: Yes
  • Service of having revealed for Picture / Movies: No
  • Service for System IN / DIN: Yes
  • Tank of training (Pool): Yes
  • Spread Specialized: No
  • Medical Service: Yes
Cayo Levisa Crafts

Diving Boat:  Levisa 5

(Stable craft for the diving activity)

  • Type:  Wooden and glass fiber yacht.
  • Length:  14.70 m.
  • Breadth:  4.87 m.
  • Depth (moulded depth):  1.10 m.
  • Draft (or draught): 1.00 m.
  • Passengers Capacity:  18
  • Diver Capacity:  20
  • Crewman:  2
  • Motors:  2 Volvo Penta with a power of 537.31 HP

Diving Boat: Levisa 9 or Levisa 8


  • Type:  Glass fiber Piraña.
  • Length:  10.04 m.
  • Breadth:  3.38 m.
  • Depth (moulded depth):  1.82 m.
  • Draft (or draught):  1.00 m.
  • Passengers Capacity:  18
  • Diver Capacity:  10
  • Crewman:  2
  • Motors:  2 Volvo Penta with a power of 470.0 HP