El Colony, International Scuba Diving Center

The Colony International Diving Center of Puertosol, is in the Isla de la Juventud, to the Southwest of Cuban, to some 29 miles of New Gerona, capital of that municipality in the island, distant some 42 kms of the International Airport Rafael Goatherd Mustelier and to less than 2 km of the Hotel El Colony to the one which this associate.

Their enchantment comes for its history - what it is full with legends of buried treasures - and of its marine beautiful channel.

Colony Diving Center

An hyperbaric chamber is available at the Diving Center. Physician specialized personal in hyperbaric medicine is ready to provide preventive services and diving diseases treatment.

Colony diving zone is located within the limits of the breath-taking paradise of Tip Frances National Marinates Park. This comprises of 6 km. (4 thousands) of coast, between Tip Flints and Tip Frances. The zone is very well protected with to remarkable environmental stability, thus having an exuberant reef development.

The Colony International Diving Center located in this sport port offers diving courses with aqualung for all the levels, with internationally grateful certificates.

El Colony Diving Center Instructors

An international competition of submarine picture, Photosub, takes place in this sport port every year, given the client's demand, with the different specialties and prizes.

Technical Specifications

  • Name: Colony
  • Operated Marinas Puertosol
  • Location: Ensenada Siguanea, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
  • 56 Dive Sites or Dive Places
  • 15 Instructors
  • Instructors Certifications: CMAS, SSI, PADI
  • Boats: 10 barcos acondicionados para buceo, con capacidad para grupos de entre 15 a 18 buceadores. El centro tiene capacidad para sacar hasta 160 buzos al día.
  • Average of Annual Visibility: 40 horizontal meters
  • Average of the Annual Temperature: 28 ° Celsius
  • The first aids: Qualified medical staff and resuscitation equipment that includes oxygen on board and in land.
  • Nearest Recompression Chamber: A multilock hyperbaric chamber is available at the Diving Center. A physician specialized in hyperbaric medicine is ready to provide preventive services and diving diseases treatment.


  • Coral reefs diving: YES
  • Wall Diving: YES
  • Cave Diving: YES
  • Night Diving: YES
  • NITROX Service : NO
  • Diving Equipment Rent: YES
  • Diving courses for all the levels: YES
  • Diving courses for instructors: YES
  • Special diving courses: YES
  • Photos and films exposed service: YES
  • Service for Systems IN / DIN: YES
  • Training Diving Tank: NO
  • Specializing shop: NO
  • Medical services: YES

Environment Condition

  • The temperature of the air oscillates among the 22.4ºC (winter) until the 38 ºC (summer).
  • Temperature average of the water 27 ºC (Spring, summer, autumn 28 ºC, winter 23 ºC).
  • Water Half transparency (visibility) the 40 meters.
  • Superficial current: almost null, with a speed average of 0-25 cm/seg.
  • Half salinity is of 37000 parts / liters, with significant values for the plants and algae development.
  • Relative humidity: in the order of 80% in the whole year.
  • The reining winds are of the with a speed average of 12.5 Km/hour.
  • The precipitations annual stockings are of 1300 mm.